a new Music

"If a Jazz musician plays someone else's song, he has a responsibility to make a distinct & original statement."

― Todd Boyd

Jazz is not a genre, or even a collection of genres; It is a philosophy of music, and of life; To always explore, always wonder, and always seek positive change. The mission of Portraits of Change is to reaffirm the notion that jazz is a musical language of innovation. Each piece within the project will feature a standard subset of musical qualities that the average audience member will be familiar with while simultaneously pushing a separate quality in a new direction. Jazz innovation is not a linear timeline of events with a clear beginning and end, but rather a circle that, akin to natural selection, constantly flows and evolves from previous iterations of itself. The goal is to create an aural voyage around this circle; Starting from a place of relative familiarity and cultural significance, moving to uncomfortable and sometimes nightmarish reveries, to a resolution of these ideas and a cadence of genre.

Within Portraits of Change are 6 "Portraits," or musical sound environments that contain a virtual world that interacts with the live jazz being produced corresponding to the Portrait. Each portrait features either an influential jazz work, a collection of jazz works, or is an adaption of one.