Thomas Graves

I am a musician, music student, and technology enthusiast. I consider myself to be a “Mixed Reality Musician” or someone who integrates computer science and spatial computing into my music skills and performances. I am a trumpet player and a vocalist. I have played in many ensembles throughout my bachelors degree from Orchestra to Chamber Choir, with a few years leading the trumpet section in Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble and being an active community member in my local music scenes in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. I am classically trained and have studied with many trumpet professionals throughout Colorado, and try to broaden and diversify my learning experience with different styles and genres of music. I absolutely love jazz, and consider myself to be a jazz musician before a classical but I am proficient in both styles. Outside of school, I have played from bars to churches and have gigged with a wide range of musicians throughout southern Colorado.

Outside of music, I have studied engineering and worked in a machine shop off and on throughout highschool and through college. I try to apply the knowledge I gain from outside music back to what I love. I love interdisciplinary learning, and have always tried to find ways to understand music through the lens of other disciplines.

I hope to pursue a masters degree in music technology, and continue learning about mixed reality and its applications in the arts. I think this technology can be transformational in education, and would love to one day apply what I learn in a classroom at the collegiate level.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or Facebook! I am always looking to collaborate and expand my musical, educational, and professional boundaries to new places.