As technology develops, music accessibility will continue to increase. A more connected world will bring together more cultures than ever before, but will also disconnect many people from live music appreciation. Portraits of Change celebrates and fosters American culture and creativity, in a way that also enhances and elevates the live music experience. Portraits of Change inspires emotional intelligence through societal awareness and narrative story-telling.

These feats are accomplished through 4 main areas of innovation.

Virtual/Augmented Reality Technology

New developments in multimedia have introduced a new way to watch movies, play games, and experience the world. It is called Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This new technology tracks the movement of your head while 2 displays (one for each eye) create a 3 dimensional experience that allows users to see a new world all around them. If TV’s were looking through a window, VR is climbing out of one.

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Music Technology

Live looping. MIDI controllers. Electric Trumpet. Ableton Live 10 will be used for most on-stage audio manipulation. This incredibly powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) can do amazing things. Paired with other cutting-edge technology, the sonic possibilities of new sound is expanded well beyond the scope of traditional jazz.

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Music Composition

Portraits of Change will feature 6 different pieces of music that have been influential or innovative to Jazz in some way. Each piece will vary in style, genre, and instrumentation quite radically to emulate the innovative heritage of jazz, and expand it.

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Jazz-the Music of Innovation

What evolved between a confrontation in culture led to a syncretism of art. As technology continues to develop in both the music world and in other fields, there arises a need to continue Jazz's cultural heritage in new, dynamic ways.

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